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From face filters that make you look flawless to tướng frame effects that make your photos pop, Instagram has a myriad of adorable and trendy filters hidden in its phầm mềm that can spice up your selfies. Here are 20 character-themed Instagram Stories filters - spanning from Sanrio to tướng Disney and Sailor Moon - that’ll make your photos extra cute!

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Hello Kitty Instagram filters 

#1 Hello Kitty and hearts

Hello Kitty Instagram Stories FilterPhoto from @rima_filters

This filter will have your face lined with hearts and Hello Kitty motifs, while giving it a soft natural makeup look courtesy of its beautifying effects which include pink blush, coloured lenses and glittery eyeshadow. It has four styles you can play with, all of which mask pesky blemishes and slim your face.

#2 Hello Kitty heart-shaped frame

Hello Kitty Instagram Stories FilterPhoto from @stephanyfv_

Featuring a bow-adorned heart-shaped frame along with Hello Kitty waving below, this filter is the epitome of kawaii. While it doesn’t change your features much, it still adds a pink hue to tướng your image, making the overall look cuter and more feminine.

#3 Hello Kitty-patterned background

Hello Kitty Instagram Stories FilterPhoto from @rrrybkina

Apart from repeated patterns of Hello Kitty in a pink mèo costume khiêu vũ in the background, this filter adds lashes to tướng your eyes and freckles to tướng your cheeks and nose bridge. It also thickens your lips and hides your blemishes, giving you a flawless complexion.

My Melody Instagram filters

#4 My Melody with pink fluorescent hearts

My Melody Instagram Stories FilterPhoto from @thaisgalicia

This frame filter has Hello Kitty’s best friend at each corner of your screen, accompanied by pink fluorescent hearts. Its makeup effects include having freckles on your face, thick lips, big eyes and rosy cheeks - perfect if you’re barefaced but still want to tướng take dễ thương selfies. 

#5 My Melody polaroid frame

My Melody Instagram Stories FilterPhoto from @stephanyfv_

With a polaroid frame on a pink checkered background, plus two My Melody stickers on opposite sides, this adorable filter is ideal for adding a touch of cuteness to tướng your photos. Other kêu ca having a clean layout, its designed effect is minimal, too, given that it only adds a pink-hued filter over your photographed image.

Cinnamoroll Instagram filters

#6 Cinnamoroll with xanh lơ fluorescent hearts

Cinnamoroll Instagram Stories FilterPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Although this filter doesn’t include beauty effects, it does make a dễ thương frame with its xanh lơ hearts and adorable Cinnamoroll motifs. It also adds colour to tướng your selfie, especially if it’s taken against a plain background.

#7 Cinnamoroll with pink hearts

Cinnamoroll Instagram Stories FilterPhoto from @fannyirawanl

For a Cinnamoroll frame with makeup effects, kiểm tra out this filter. It hides blemishes, adds blush to tướng your cheeks and gives colour to tướng your lips. There are also two faded stickers of Cinnamoroll on either side of your face, on top of five others around the frame, making it extra kawaii.

#8 Cinnamoroll motifs on your face

Cinnamoroll Instagram Stories FilterPhoto from @rrrybkina

Unlike the other Cinnamoroll filters featured, this one thickens your lips and gives you clean and even skin. It also has illustrations of this much-loved Japanese puppy all around your face, giving total uwu vibes. And even though this Sanrio character is male, this filter channels more feminine energy with its pink tones and dainty designs.

Kuromi Instagram filters

#9 Kuromi with glittery stars

Kuromi Instagram Stories FiltersPhoto from @rrrybkina

Another one to tướng add to tướng the list is this Kuromi filter. It provides you with thick lashes and lips, as well as fake freckles and blush, making you look camera-ready even when you’re not. Other dễ thương touches include two Kuromi stickers on your cheeks and glittery stars that will appear from your eyes each time you blink.

#10 Kuromi’s Black jester hat

Kuromi Instagram Stories FiltersPhoto from @daaaaaaaaaa_

This filter is perfect for days when you want to tướng channel your inner Kuromi since it features the white rabbit’s iconic Black jester hat along with two smaller stickers on your cheeks. Although it has an overall muted tone, it still adds colour to tướng your cheeks and lips, giving you a soft Korean makeup look.

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We Bare Bears Instagram filters

#11 We Bare Bears everywhere

We Bare Bears Instagram Stories FilterPhoto from @phichysiniisriihaad

Whether you are a người yêu thích of this American sitcom or simply find these three bears lovable, this We Bare Bears filter is a dễ thương way to tướng show your affection for Grizzly, Panda and Ice. It’s perfect for spicing up any boring photo, too, since this filter has a subtle grainy look, along with fun and silly effects such as having the three bears stacked on your head and popping out from the corners of the frame.

#12 We Bare Bears all around your face

We Bare Bears Instagram Stories FilterPhoto from @tikadew_

Looking for a simpler We Bare Bears filter that contrasts the one above? Opt for this one which only adds blush to tướng your cheeks and adorable stickers of Grizzly, Panda and Ice all around your face.

Care Bears Instagram filters

#13 Care Bears Polaroid

Care Bears Instagram Stories FilterPhoto from @amyamikaa

This Care Bears polaroid filter boasts a starry sky backdrop with pastel rainbow tones. Have fun playing around with its 3 options, each differing in the design of Cheer Bear and the positions of the smaller Care Bears.

#14 Cheer Bear on cheeks

Care Bears Instagram Stories FilterPhoto from @dingmintt

Apart from having Cheer Bear on each side of your cheeks, you can expect smooth skin, pink lips and a slim face with this filter. Coloured eyes, which you can adjust the intensity of, are also part of this filter’s package.

Sailor Moon Instagram filters

#15 Sailor Moon motif backdrop

Sailor Moon Instagram Stories FilterPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Grew up watching Sailor Moon? Save this one for your next selfie and you can anticipate a natural makeup effect that enhances your looks, plus a pretty background filled with crescents, stars, and Luna the mèo. The bunny patterns are an ode to tướng Sailor Moon, who is also known as Usagi - which means “rabbit” in Japanese.

Duffy & Friends Instagram filters

#16 9 Duffy designs in 1 filter

Duffy & Friends Instagram Stories FiltersPhoto from @x.yunny.x

Aside from giving you unblemished skin in your selfies, this filter boasts 9 effects in one, with designs ranging from Duffy border frames to tướng a brown polaroid and an arched frame. What's more, all of them are minimal in design, ví they don’t look cluttered and allow your selfies to tướng shine.

#17 Duffy with friends corner borders

Duffy & Friends Instagram Stories FiltersPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Featuring Duffy and his friends on all corners of your screen, this filter provides the perfect shot to tướng frame your object or yourself in the centre. It also has Stella Lou effects scattering down from the top of the screen.

Winnie The Pooh Instagram filters

#18 Illustrations of Pooh and friends

Winnie The Pooh Instagram Stories FilterPhoto from @he.ndi

Keep this one on your list for glam selfies - think slightly enlarged eyes and rosy cheeks and lips - with this adorable bear and his friends. Additionally, this filter has two selections to tướng pick from, one with a sticker of Pooh eating honey on your cheek and the other without.

#19 Pooh and friends on your cheeks

Winnie The Pooh Instagram Stories FilterPhoto from @zhu_yr

In addition to tướng a natural makeup look, this Winnie The Pooh filter has adorable stickers of Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet and a pot of honey on your cheeks, providing you plenty of dễ thương photo opportunities with a touch of sweetness.

Powerpuff Girls Instagram filters

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#20 The Powerpuff Girls

Powerpuff Girls Instagram Stories FilterPhoto from @micaelaiael

Last but not least, we have the Powerpuff Girls! Whether you identify most with Blossom, Bubbles or Buttercup, this filter lets you reminisce about childhood with three frame designs, each dedicated to tướng one of the girls. The frames also include endearing stickers of them at different ages.

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