sẽ gầy tiếng anh là gì

When the boys rescue him, he is typically emaciated, dehydrated, semi-conscious, delirious; they must succor him with candy bars and water.

A person who is emaciated is usually submissive, both mentally and physically, to lớn the will of others.

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The toàn thân is emaciated, as its torso, arms and head with exposed some joints, bones, ribs and skull exposed.

He was thin and emaciated and had sticking plaster all over his face, notably a big piece sealing his mouth.

His figures show experience, faces and emaciated bodies struggling to lớn survive.

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The people hurtled to lớn the gifts, in spite of the scrawny necks, dull and balding plumes and thinning thighs.

They're probably going to lớn deliver a generation (or several generations) of scrawny fish to lớn the oceans.

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I was the thin, scrawny little guy.

Most of the rest of his scrawny associates -- all Đen vests, tattoos and sinew -- look lượt thích fellow guttersnipe desperadoes.

But let's get real; there are no scrawny lunkheads.