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Destined to tướng Love You
GenreRomantic comedy
Created byTong Hua
Written byQian Jingjing
Mei Yingpu
Gan Ling
Directed byWu Jinyuan
Chen Kuo-hua
Billy Tang
StarringJoe Chen
Jia Nailiang
Bosco Wong
Country of originChina
Original languageMandarin
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes44
Production locationHengdian World Studios (Zhejiang)
Production companiesXing Sheng Di Movie & Television Culture Co.,Ltd.
Original networkHunan TV
Original release16 June –
11 July 2015

Destined to tướng Love You (Chinese: 偏偏喜欢你) is a năm ngoái Chinese television series created by Tong Hua. It stars Joe Chen, Jia Nailiang and Bosco Wong. The series aired on Hunan TV from 16 June to tướng 11 July năm ngoái.[1][2]

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The story is phối in the 1916s and revolves around Qian Baobao, a normal civilian. In order to tướng earn money to tướng help her sick mother, she became an instructor at Longcheng Military Academy under a stolen identity. The stolen identity is Xiao Han, who has already died from an accident while studying for her doctorate overseas. Originally, Qian Baobao only wanted to tướng stay at the military academy until her mother no longer needs treatment but somehow, she became entangled in an inextricable love triangle. The two men making up this love triangle are Xiang Hao and Shen Wentao. Shen Wentao is passionately pursuing Bao Bao and Xiang Hao is Xiao Han’s fiance. In order to tướng conceal her real identity, Bao Bao has to tướng evade the growing feelings between her and Xiang Hao as well as dispel Shen Wentao’s suspicions and temptations. In the middle of all this, a major crisis emerges when it turns out Xiao Han didn’t really die. Xiao Han’s return causes Qian Baobao to tướng examine her conscience.



Actor Character Introduction
Joe Chen Qian Baobao An actress from a circle troupe who becomes an instructor for psychological studies at a military school due to tướng a stolen identity. She is courageous, determined and has a bright personality.
Jia Nailiang Xiang Hao Son of the Ding Warlord Faction, and fiance of Xiao Han. A passionate and loyal man who is filled with justice. After his fall-out with Shen Wentao, he heads to tướng the military school where he trained and became the leader of the elite troops. There, he meets Qian Baobao whom he often bickers with, and later comes to tướng love.
Bosco Wong Shen Wentao Son of the Shen Warlord Faction. He is calm, intelligent and decisive. He gets misunderstood for being cold and heartless by Xiang Hao, but chooses to tướng bear the misunderstandings. He falls for Qian Baobao's kindness and bright nature, choosing to tướng protect and watch over her silently.



Actor Character Introduction
Zhang Yunlong Gu Xiaobai Childhood friend of Xiang Hao and Shen Wentao. He is exceptionally loyal toward Xiang Hao and chooses to tướng stand by his side. He is playful, gossipy and flirtatious, and often gets into trouble.
Vengo Gao Du Feng A gangster who becomes a student at the military school. He is the oldest among the students. Due to tướng his background, he develops a paranoid personality but he is exceptionally trusting toward Xiang Hao. He appears lazy and nonchalant, but is able to tướng capture the thoughts of Xiang Hao accurately and talk sense into him. He falls in love with Shen Wenyu.
Zheng Long Han Xun Son of the Quartermaster Department Director. A sensitive and meticulous man who is Shen Wentao's trustworthy companion.
Lin Zifeng Gao Meiren Son of the Minister of Defence. A cold and brash man who often chooses to tướng resort to tướng violence to tướng settle problems. He is Shen Wentao's close companion.
Xu Qifeng Li Tianhan Li Jizhou's son. He is cruel and ambitious, and uses all sort of underhanded methods to tướng frame his rivals - Xiang Hao and Shen Wentao. His actual identity is a Japanese spy who has assumed the identity of Li Tianhan, and plans to tướng make use of the position of the leader of the elite troops to tướng assist the Japanese in invading Trung Quốc.
Li Ji Zhou Jie Li Tianhan's lackey.
Gao Zeming Zhao Hu Li Tianhan's lackey.

Instructors and school staff[edit]

Actor Character Introduction
Shaun Tam Ouyang Fei Physical training instructor. He is known for his cold and strict appearance, but cares the students deep down. His unwavering love toward Xiao Han, whom he saved twice, touches her and they eventually became lovers. He is also good friends with Liu Tianyu.
Liu Tianru Shen Wenyu Shen Wentao's younger sister. Assistant instructor for basics training. She is spoilt and proud and does whatever she wants. She enters military school to tướng pursue Xiang Hao, but falls in love with Du Feng instead.
Wang Xiuzhu Xue Shaoqi Xue Shaohua's younger sister. A military nurse. To avenge her brother, she goes against Li Tianhan.
Zhao Jiuyi Su Rui A military doctor. He is gentle and kind but actually has a strong-willed personality.
Wang Xiang Xie Tianjiao Director of military affairs. She is a capable and outstanding woman who is feared by the students for her strictness. She falls in love with the gentle Su Rui, and decides to tướng pursue him.
Zhang Ningjiang Liu Tianyu Firearms instructor. A warm-hearted and humorous guy who is good friends with Ouyang Fei.


Actor Character Introduction
Chen Liangping Xiang Shaoda Chief of Army Staff. Xiang Hao's father.
Yu Dongjiang Shen Guoshun Military commander. Shen Wentao's father.
Lu Ling Qian Baobao's mother.
Ruan Weijing Lieutenant He Serves Xiang Shaoda. He treats Xiang Hao as his own brother.
Hu Yongchun Ma Yiyan Chief of the rouge bandits. He is loyal and trustworthy.

Special appearance[edit]

Actor Character Introduction
Zheng Shuang Xiao Han Daughter of a wealthy businessman, who is also a psychologist. She is gentle and understanding. On her train journey to tướng Long Cheng, she gets caught in an assassination attempt and drops down a cliff. While everyone thought she was dead, she was actually saved by Ouyang Fei. She was adamant to tướng be together with her fiance, whom she loved since young, but eventually falls for Ouyang Fei.
Hui Shiu-hung Li Jizhou Head of the Li Warlord Faction, and principal of Longcheng Military Academy. Crafty and vicious, he would resort to tướng all sorts of trickery to tướng ensure that his son becomes the leader of the elite troops.
Liu Enyou Xue Shaohua Xue Shaoqi's brother; childhood friend of Xiang Hao, Shen Wentao and Gu Xiaobai. He was phối up by Li Tianhan, and died as a result.


Destined to tướng Love You - Original Television Soundtrack (偏偏喜歡你电视剧原声音乐大碟)
1."Love till the End (爱到底)" (Opening theme song)Tan Weiwei 
2."I'm Sorry (對不起)" (Ending theme song)Yuan Ye 
3."True Love lượt thích Blood (真爱如血)"He Huihui 
4."Never Say Die (永不言败)"He Huihui, Li Zifeng, Xu Qifeng & Zhang Ningjiang 
5."The Train is Coming (火车火车就要来)"Mushroom Brothers 


Episode # Original broadcast date Average audience share (CSM50) Average audience share (National Average) Ranking in its timeslot
Ratings Audience share Ratings Audience share
1-2 June 16, 2015 1.363 3.972 2.26 7.06 1
3-4 June 17, 2015 1.354 4.036 2.29 7.22 1
5-6 June 18, 2015 1.416 4.298 2.57 8.27 1
7 June 19, 2015 0.86 2.88
8 June đôi mươi, 2015 0.826 2.86
9-10 June 21, 2015 1.367 4.1
11-12 June 22, 2015 1.519 4.45 2.5 7.93 1
13-14 June 23, 2015 1.551 4.56 2.84 8.59 1
15-16 June 24, 2015 1.585 4.6 2.79 8.44 1
17-18 June 25, 2015 1.639 4.74 2.74 8.55 1
19 June 26, 2015 0.85 2.68
20 June 27, 2015 0.905 2.92
21-22 June 28, 2015 1.417 4.08
23-24 June 29, 2015 1.459 4.25 2.68 8.20 1
25-26 June 30, 2015 1.506 4.42
27-28 July 1, 2015 1.659 4.9 2.85 8.95 1
29-30 July 2, 2015 1.761 5.18 3.16 9.72 1
31 July 3, 2015 0.921 2.93
32 July 4, 2015 1.046 3.3
33-34 July 5, 2015 1.704 4.85
35-36 July 6, 2015 2.099 6.16 3.26 1
37-38 July 7, 2015 2.06 6.11 3.24 1
39-40 July 8, 2015 2.167 5.88 3.47 10.87 1
41-42 July 9, 2015 2.339 6.83 3.93 12.12
43 July 10, 2015 1.132 3.7
44 July 11, 2015 1.495 4.782
Average 1.557 4.636

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result Ref.
2015 2nd Hengdian Film and TV Festival of China Rising Star Award Wang Xiuzhu Won [3]


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