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With You
Also known asThe Best of Us
Simplified Chinese最好的我们
Based onThe Best Of Us by Ba Yue Chang An
Written byLi Jia
Directed byLiu Chang
StarringLiu Haoran
Tan Songyun
Country of originChina
Original languageMandarin
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes24
Executive producerDai Ying
Production locationsQingdao Beijing
Running time45 minutes
Production companyiQiyi
Original networkiQiyi
Original release8 April –
14 May 2016
My Huckleberry Friends
Unrequited Love
With You
Simplified Chinese最好的我们
Standard Mandarin
Hanyu PinyinZui Hao De Wo Men

With You (Chinese: 最好的我们) is a năm 2016 Chinese streaming television series based on the novel The Best of Us (最好的我们) by Ba Yue Chang An (八月长安). It stars Liu Haoran and Tan Songyun in lead. It aired on iQiyi from 8 April to lớn 14 May năm 2016.[1]

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This series follows Geng Geng, a slightly awkward but adorable first year high schooler who feels lượt thích she's not smart enough to lớn be at the prestigious Zhen Hua High School. The first day she happens to lớn meet her future deskmate, the brilliant Yu Huai, and although they bicker at first, they soon size a strong friendship. They all become good friends with their classmates and have a strong bond with their teacher, Zhang Ping. Geng Geng also attracts the attention of the school's resident rebel, Lu Xing He, who quickly falls in love with her and isn't shy about announcing his crush to lớn the world.

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Class 5
  • Tan Songyun as Geng Geng
  • Liu Haoran as Yu Huai
  • Dong Qing as Jiang Nian Nian (β)
  • Chen Mengxi as Jian Dan
  • Li Jiacheng as Han Xu
  • Zhang Wenting as Wen Xiao Xiao
  • Liu Wenqu as Zhu Yao
  • Liu Qiheng as Xu Yan Liang
  • Fang Wenqiang as Zhang Ping
  • Gao Wenfeng as Zhang Feng
  • Zhang Lei as School Dean Pan
  • Sheng Yuqin as Chinese teacher
  • Fan Yimeng as Shen Tong
  • Zhang Hang as Zhang Lai Shun
  • Li Shengda as Gym teacher
  • Wang Yuexin as Lu Xing He
  • Liang Hao as Zhou Mo
  • Chao Ran as Luo Zhi
  • Nie Zihao as Sheng Huai Nan
  • An Jie as Bei Lin
  • Zhao Yansong as Geng's father
  • Qu Haifeng as Geng's mother
  • Rong Zishan as Lin Fan
  • Lan Tian as older Lin Fan
  • Li Jiawei as Aunt Qi
  • Liu Meihan as Japanese student
  • Sun Jiayu as Chen Xue Jun
  • Li Aijing as Ye Zhan Yan
  • Sun Yingying as Ling Xiao Qian
  • Dan Xiaohang as Zheng Ya Min
  • Lian Jie as Lai Chun Yang
  • Ning Zi as Yu's mother
  • Lu Ying as Jiang Nian Nian (β)'s fake dad
  • Ye Zhengtong as Fan Bin
  • Sun Zilin as Wu Tong
  • Cao Dongyu as Liu Fang Ping
  • Yu Wentao as Wang Zhi Yong
  • He Yajie as Lu Yang


1."Geng Geng Yu Huai (耿耿于怀)" (Theme song)Wang Xiaowen4:14
2."Dear Classmates (亲爱的,同学)"Momo Tiankong & Tan Songyun3:57
3."The Right to lớn Choose (选择权)"Wang Yuexin4:13
4."The Best of Us (最好的我们)"Wang Yuexin4:46


The series was hailed as the Best Youth Drama by critics in recent years, and was praised for its realistic portrayal of youth and complex characters. The drama tackles common issues lượt thích school struggles, family issues, and the making and breaking of friendships and relationships; making it relatable to lớn viewers.[2][3] It has over 2 billion views online and a rating of 8.9 on Douban.[4][5]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Award Category Recipient Result Ref.
7th Macau International Television Festival Best Television Producer Dai Ying (戴莹) Won [6]
25th Shanghai Television Festival (the Magnolia Awards) Best Adaptated Screenplay Li Jia Nominated [7]


With You is the first installment of a youth series written by Bayue Changan, which also includes My Huckleberry Friends and Unrequited Love.


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